Ola Hosts and Wins VEX Championship

Daniel Alston, News Editor

Saturday February 28, 70 of the top VEX Robotics teams across the state came head-to-head for the championship title. For the second consecutive year, Ola is home to the Georgia VEX State Champions. Their advisor, Christie Schmitt, attributed the victory to unwavering dedication. She stated, “It took a lot of practice and preparation up front.”

The teams not only competed for titles, they competed over 19 available spots at the VEX World Championship.  The team’s 5203T and 5203S succeeded throughout the day, earning the team two spots in the World Championships.

Though relatively new, VEX at Ola has made noteworthy progress. The team has only been together for three years. As such, such success is promising for the program. Schmitt stated, “We will continue to strengthen as a team, something we’re getting better at.”