Gender Bending To Find A Cure

SGA thinks outside the box to raise money for a good cause.

Salina Patel, Staff Writer

Kimberly Carden, senior, poses with last year's runner up Amanda Ellenburg. Ellenburg raised around one hundred dollars last year,
Kimberly Carden, senior, poses with last year’s runner up Amanda Ellenburg. Ellenburg raised around one hundred dollars last year,

The Student Government Association (SGA) is putting on the second annual Mr. and Ms. Relay, a gender bender beauty pageant that will be conducted at the mini relay, to raise money for Relay For Life.

The contest is having an interest meeting March 19 in room 403 at 7:40 A.M. There the rules and regulations of the contest will be addressed. Applications will also be handed out at the meeting. Holly John, junior, said “I hope people will really consider participating because it’s for a great cause.”

How it works

  • Contestants will raise money in their school and community throughout the end of March until the Mini Relay on April 17.
  • One day during this time period contestants will come to school dressed in clothing of the opposite gender. Male contestant would wear a dresses and female contestants sports jerseys or anything that someone would consider attire for the opposite gender. On that day they will ask their peers and teachers for donations for Relay for Life.
  • On April 17 contestants will drop off their money to room 403.
  • The female with the most money and the male with the most money will be crowned Mr. and Ms. Relay at the Mini Relay.
  • The winners will represent Ola High School in the Mr. Relay contest at the county relay for life at Hampton High School.

SGA members are excited about this fundraiser. Amanda Ellenburg, senior and contest participant, said, “People always say that they wish they could be the opposite sex for a day. Mr. and Ms. Relay allows students to do that while supporting a great cause and saving lives.”

For more information about the meeting follow @OlaSGA on twitter.