Cast Prepares for an Exhausting Week

A variety of challenges arise as opening night of the musical approaches.

Cast Prepares for an Exhausting Week

Daniel Alston, News Editor

Monday, March 23, marks the beginning of an intensive week of preparation for this year’s musical, Les Miserables. The week, affectionately dubbed by cast members and tech crew alike as “Hell Week,” is meant for finalizing finer details of the show before it goes on.

All individuals participating in the production are required to show up for these rehearsals. In fact, Monday’s time slot runs from eight in the morning to eight at night. Savannah Cathers, junior and tech director, stated, “We have a three hour mic check. Everyone has to step forward and repeat their loudest line – over, and over, and over again.”

In the end… it’s magical.”

— Cathers

Additional changes and challenges are part of the show this year. Cathers stated, “We have a live pit this time. They have to play for mic checks as well.” The pit adds complications to the mic check itself in addition to incorporation with practice for the singing and acting portions of the show.

Everyone involved is putting forth significant effort. Much of the preparation that goes into this stressful week is unseen during the actual performance. Lucas Keener, a freshman in the male ensemble, stated, “The assistant directors are doing their parts to keep everyone focused.”

Tensions are bound to run high next week, as they do every year. However, with this additional pressure comes renewed drive and excitement for many cast members. Keener stated, “The rehearsals are a lot more [effort] than usual.”

Cathers stated, “In the end… it’s magical. When people stand up and cheer when it’s all over, it’s worth it.”