Vegetarianism Does Wonders


A student prepares to eat a vegetarian salad for lunch. She packed it because she plans on eating healthier this spring.

Salina Patel, Staff Writer

There are two types of people in this world: people that will change

themselves because they see prosperity in another lifestyle and people that will

remain the same way because it feels good. Some will make educated and informed

decisions that will benefit them in the long run whereas others will see the warnings

to change but will never change. Let us just paint a picture of these types of people

with broad strokes.

There is a middle-aged woman is highly educated and does not eat meat. This

lady knows what her diet does for her. She knows that it helps her heart and that

she will need to acquire protein from other sources. She does just that. She is very

conscious of what she eats and makes sure that she keeps a balanced diet. Her

counterpart: a thirty-year-old southern male is on the track to heart disease. He

eats red meat for breakfast lunch and dinner and it is just something he will not give

Many doctors have told him that his heart will take the toll but he does not

The woman’s hobbies include hiking, biking, and swimming. She enjoys being

close to nature. The man likes to sit on his couch with a beer all day watching sports.

He cringes when the blinds are opened to let a little sunlight into his house. The

women is pro-animal rights; the man has no opinion on the matter but “Meat sure

tastes damn good”.

The lady doesn’t voice the fact that she is vegetarian nor does she attempt to

convert omnivores into herbivores. She believes it is their right to feed as they wish.

When the beer-gutted man was asked about his opinion on vegetarians he said, “God

done gave us sharp teeth so we can tear meat so why would you think it is wrong to

The “tree-hugger” continues with her diet because it benefits her health. The

“couch potato” continues with his diet even though it will kill him. There are two

different types of people in the world: those who make a conscious effort to better

themselves and those who will not change no matter what. Those who do not open

their eyes to vegetarianism when they are on the verge of heart failure are those

that will never change.

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