Marching Band Tryouts Drum Up Interest


Lori Vincent

Students prepare for drumline tryouts. In the past, these auditions have been notable for stiff competition and limited spaces.

Daniel Alston, News Editor

Marching Band tryouts run through this week, including tryouts for drumline. Spots are limited as many previous participants audition again each year. Todd Manson, band director, stated, “This year, a lot of veterans are returning.”

New vacancies are left, 11 spots total are available, but competition is still fairly stiff. Students are assessed in a group. Everyone plays together and if they are unable to keep up with the line, they are cut. Nathan Loughner, senior, stated, “It [the tryout] is meant to scare you. Only a few spots are ever open.”

Individuals are assessed on both playing techniques and marching techniques. For first-timers, this proves difficult. Anthony Sorrell, junior, stated, “Learning new techniques is the hardest part. You’re not taught new things like marching in middle school.”

The group will be constantly narrowed down until the desired group size is left over. Competition is stiff and the audition proves strenuous – even for previous participants. However, those who audition are driven to make the cut. Sorrell stated, “Overcoming the nervousness the first day is the hardest part. You just have to get used to it.”