Student Makes Ola History

Jett Joyner is the first Ola student to get accepted to the United States Air Force Academy.

Joyner shakes Hice's hand. It was a real honor to have the Congressman at our school.

Taylor Watkins, Staff Writer

On May 8, Jarrett Joyner officially signed with the United States Air force Academy accepting an appointment and dedicating himself to the Air Force Academy.

Joyner received a congressional recongnition from Congressman Jody Hice, and a pledge of commitment that stated, “With personal strength and character, I will serve my nation with honor and valor.” Joyner will also dedicates at least five years of service with the appointment.

Lieutenant Colonel Danny Smith of the Air Force Academy came to the event on Friday. He confirmed that out of the  12,000 that apply, only 1100 are accepted. Scholarship is worth $500,000, and awarded to only the best.

On June, 25, Joyner will leave for Colorado Springs, Colorado where the Academy is located. Joyner in not concerned about moving so far away, and he said, “I love traveling and I love Colorado.”

Joyner first saw the Air Force Academy while on a trip with his father. According to Joyner’s mom, Joyner’s father said “If you work hard one day you can go to a school like that.”

Joyner would like to go into aeronautical engineering. He said, “I love airplanes and I want to make them better.” Joyner is also very excited about getting the opportunity to fly airplanes and meet new people.

Joyner’s mom said, “He wants to fly airplanes, that’s his thing.” According to her, he could be flying a glider as early as next summer, and that he is also looking forward to jumping to of airplanes.

Students must meet certain physical and educational requirements to be a pilot. Joyner hopes to be a part of a pilot program after freshman year.  “I see him being a great Air Force officer,” Said Senior Master Sergeant Torrance McGee.

Part of the AFJROTC program is about building model students. McGee said, “When we see the leadership potential or goodness or greatness in a kid we have to be tough on them.” According to McGee, Joyner came out on top.

Joyner described the application process as rigorous. He started it at the beginning of his junior year and finished this year. The application process includes many forms to fill out and interviews to go to.

The interviews were the hardest part for Joyner. “One part, he asked if you could go back in time…and meet anybody from history who would it be and why, and…I completely was blank cause they were just firing questions off at me and I just said ‘I don’t know sir,’ and he was like ‘You really don’t know not one person from history,’ and I was like ‘I’m sorry.’ It was just really scary cause he got really stern.”

Joyner learned about his acceptance early in the morning when his brother came into his room with the letter. He said, “It was the craziest moment I’ve ever experienced cause all that hard work just paid off, and the first word it said was just ‘Congratulations.'”