Encouraging Student Reading

Ansley Calhoun, Sport Editor

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As part of the Get Georgia Reading program students will have access to over 8,000 books through August 31.

According to this program the first milestone for a child to succeed educationally is to be able to read by the end of third grade. However, stastitics show that only 34% are skilled readers.

Some parents may wonder why it is necessary for their children to be able to do this. It is so they do not fall behind in school. The way the curriculum works is, in order to continue in their learning during fourth grade they need to be reading to learn, not learning to read.

The Get Georgia Reading website states, “According to a longitudinal study commissioned by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, children who can’t read by third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school.”

Reading is a essential part of a child’s learning abilities, so Get Georgia Reading’s goal is to have all students reading proficiently by the end of the third grade by the year 2020.

For more information visit Get Georgia Reading .



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