It’s Time: Your Life Is About To Officially Begin


The seniors gathered in the gym to celebrate their last day of school. The breakfast is a annual Ola tradition.

Jessica Phillips, Staff Writer

You’ve been waiting for this day for as long as you can remember, right?

You’ve spent hours daydreaming about the life beyond these four white walls that enclose us in these sullen classrooms. A life beyond sitting behind a desk and listening to someone ramble mindlessly about topics that you are never going to put a second thought toward. A life beyond that of which you’ve spent “wasting” in this school building in our small hometown. You’ve wanted to escape so badly for these past four years that now that the time of your departure has finally arrived, you find yourself absolutely terrified, you don’t feel ready.

Most of you hope to cling to this place you call home for as long as possible until you are thrust into the real world. It’s so, so hard to fathom that from the point that you walk across that stage on the football field, you are considered a high-school graduate. The minute that diploma is placed in your hands, you’ll find yourself turning that thin piece of paper over and over until some sort of clarity comes to mind. As to why you’ve spent four years of your life working your way toward a measly piece of paper – that of which feels as if it symbolizes your entire worth.

Sitting inside these classrooms for the past four years have felt like torture, but at the end of the day, there isn’t anything you’ve wanted to withstand more. From the moment that you realized you were about to become an adult, and that your parents will no longer be able to rescue you out of bad situations, you’ve been a little afraid. No one wants to grow up, but as of right now… You have to.

So there you are crying as you realize that all of this is over. The good times that you’ve had within these walls are done. There’s no more sports activities with the people that you’ve grown up with. There’s no more  daily intriguing conversations with that one teacher who just gets you. There isn’t anymore seeing your neighbor daily driving to school or being able to see your best friend of the past ten years every single day at school. There isn’t anymore extra-curricular activities. It just feels as if everything is just done. Your childhood – everything – is over.

And that’s a very, very hard realization to make peace with.

But every end is followed by a beginning, isn’t it?

You see, this ending of your childhood is the beginning of your adulthood. The time in your life with which you are, yes, entrusted with a huge amount of responsibility, but at the same time you are given the opportunity to do amazing things with the skills that you’ve been given by whatever higher power you choose to believe has given them to you.

You are free to be yourself in the most amazing way possible. You are no longer restricted to be someone who loves English and sits for hours feeling as if your skills are wasting away in a Math class you will make no use with in the future. You are finally able to have independence and make with your abilities in the absolute best way possible. And that’s such a beautiful, beautiful thing.

You should no longer be afraid to fall. You should no longer feel as if everywhere you turn is a dead-end, or that you are being forced in such a way that you feel trapped. Here is where your life begins. Here is where everything that once made little sense is the key to your successes.

Here is where you shine and you make the most of your life and your abilities. You create new friendships and you find love, and you live your happy endings because THAT’S what people deserve in life. You’re no longer supposed to make dumb kid decisions, but instead dumb ADULT decisions, and what a difference those two can make.

The time is now. The time is here. The minute you walk across that stage everything is going to change before your very eyes, and instead of being scared, embrace it. Enjoy the wild ride that life is about to take you on.

Good luck, Class of 2015. Let life grace you in all the best ways possible.