Colleges seek recruits

Seniors and their parents attended senior night in which Georgia colleges supplied information.

Ashley Soriano, Editor-in-Chief

Offering seniors and parents information regarding life after high school, more than ten colleges came to the OHS commons for senior night on Sept. 15 at 6:30.

Parents and their seniors scoured the commons, perusing various colleges’ tables, such as Columbus State, Georgia College & State University, University of North Georgia, Georgia Military College and more. Cindy McFulton, parent, acquired basic information that is useful for her son “…to start [his] future… Instead of being left in the dark, he gets whatever information he needs instead of trying to figure it out by himself.”

This event showed both parents and students what is available after high school, including college, military and scholarship options. Kelly Bell, mother of senior Emily Bell, said, “[It] gives her a wide variety. She don’t have to think… she [has] to go to a community school. She has an actual choice where she wants to go and what she wants to do.”

Mercene Gordon, mother of senior Savaughn Gordon, thought senior night gave her and her son a one-on-one, intimate feel. She said, “[It’s] no longer just on the internet.”

Other parents discovered colleges that offer aspects that are important in their family. For example, James Willingham, Sr., father of senior James Willingham, Jr., learned that Columbus
State has Greek life, which is valued in his family. He said, “It’s very important to us as a family that you take going to college seriously. It gives them an opportunity to ask questions about an area he’s interested in, most importantly that he continues his education and gets a quality education…”

Out of the four college admissions counselors interviewed, all of them found making a plan essential to the college process. Sheila Clemmons, admissions counselor at Georgia Military College, suggested: “Make a plan. What they wanna do to graduate, and as they do these things, mark ‘em off, and you continue to add to your plan… as you go through your education.”

Similarly, Martize S. Wilson, Staff Sergeant for the United States Army, said, “The earlier they make preparations and plans, the better off they’re gonna be… I want seniors to know that the Army is an option for them. More importantly, just have plans, have more than one different options, and try to consider all of them and weigh the pros and cons and figure out which one is best for them.”

Furthermore, senior night gave students and parents the ability to put a face with a name, according to Megan Roberson, admissions counselor at Mercer University. It’s important to select a college that is, “Not necessarily the one that might be the most popular, but whatever is gonna be the best fit for you.”

Senior night was Ola’s first but not final college fair for the Class of 2016. Hampton High School will host the annual PROBE College Fair on Tuesday, Oct. 6 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.