AFJROTC Makes Impressions

AFJROTC underwent an inspection this week by Region Director Betty Maldonado.


Marlon Golatt, Sports & Health Editor

On Thursday, Sept. 18, AFJROTC underwent a Unit Evaluation by Director Betty Maldonado in which cadets, officers, the school and the district are assessed.

Maldonado explained her position and duties as Region Director. “In order for me to have this position, I did teach at Reagan High School in Austin, Texas. So I taught as an instructor, retired military. The next position from there is to become a Region Director, which means I have, for example, 147 schools. I go and I visit each one every three years to see to it that everything is in order. So I have experience and expertise in this program.”

Ola’s AFJROTC made a great impression on Maldonado, as she praised the program. “What we’re doing is checking to see if the school district is meeting all its requirements, if the officers we hired are doing their jobs and leading the cadets the way they should, and lastly, if the cadets here at the school are running the show. Because we have this program here, not for the instructors and teachers to do all the work, but to give a program to the cadets and say ‘Make it your own, and run it. Here are the guidelines in which you need to follow.’  And they’re doing pretty good today.”

She said, “What I’ve seen today so far- great. I love it that the cadets are running everything. And that’s what I look for when I do an evaluation; to see if they really take ownership of the program.”