The wonders of the high school parking lot

The local Detroit.


Raven Woodlief, Graphics Editor

My car, Abbot, has recently found his new home in parking spot 187. Unfortunately for him, it’s a horrible place for a young vehicle to grow up in. The parking lot here at Ola is quite terrifying for the unsuspecting individual. When one decides to try and exit the parking lot at the end of the day they’d better have good cardio because if you’re planning on leaving quickly you’re going to need to sprint to your car. Once you finally reach your vehicle the real horrors begin. Many of the more obnoxious students like to honk their horns. They like to honk their horns until they finally manage to exit the parking lot which can be upwards of ten or twenty minutes. Teachers lurk around trying to prevent what seems to be inevitable: obvious drug use. Marijuana is not legal in the state of Georgia, and yet the locale is full of those who choose to indulge in such illicit activities. Another popular pass-time is the use of vape. Vape isn’t illegal if you’re 18 or if you’re on the school grounds, then — wait, it is illegal. 

The parking lot is, ironically, for parking. I know that things would run much more smoothly when it comes time for the daily escape from school if people were more focused on the parking and un-parking of their vehicles and then a quick exit onto North Ola. The students seem to be very caught up in the un-sponsored after school activities which is an illegal and annoying pass time for their compatriots. The greatest issue with our parking lot is that everyone loves it just a touch too much. We all need to realize that as fun as a place to hang out that it may be, it is not a place for loitering.

I know it’s a radical notion, but when thinking about whether or not you want to do things generally considered illegal, or even just loiter, perhaps consider doing them in more private locations where you are, maybe, less likely to be arrested.