Dance team keeps to the same beat

The dance team move as a family like no other.

Taylor Watkins, Layout Design Manager

 Dance team originates from college sororities all across the country. They incorporate many types of dance into their routines, and the team at Ola bonds well and works hard to be proud of what it does.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, members get to the school at 7 a.m. and practice until the bell rings at 8:05. They also practice Tuesday and Thursday afternoons until 6 p.m.

The Dance team is comprised of two different parts. It has stand throws which are dance phases performed in the stands at basketball games, and the dance members have floor work which are dance pieces or routines. Floor work choreography comes from many different types of dance including step, African dance, hip-hop and jazz. “It’s a real smorgasbord you know of things put together,” said Cynthia Corley, the dance team coach.

Hip hop is my favorite because it’s fast and looks better to me.”

— Genesis Guerrier

The team will perform at the pep rally, and it performs at basketball games. The members perform between the two varsity games and they might perform at a soccer game this year.

Corley described the dances as difficult and fast. “It’s like a beautiful room of lots of personalities. It’s really cool to watch when they’re enjoying themselves and when they have a lot of confidence doing it,” she said.

“I like that they embrace it and they feel so proud when they’re doing it” said Corley as she mentioned the background and culture involved in dance team and the dances they perform.

Kenyon Thornton, junior, is the captain of dance team. He choreographs the dances, teaches dances, creates and teaches counts and is also responsible for getting the outfits together. This is Thornton’s first year as captain, but in previous years he was manager of the team. Thornton chooses the kinds of dances the team will perform.

Genesis Guerrier, first year dance team member and senior,  joined with her best friend. Guerrier said, “Hip hop is my favorite because it’s fast and looks better to me.”

Adrianna Tew, senior, is the manager of the dance team. Her responsibilities include keeping the team in check, taking care of uniforms and sizes, clean ups on dances, she deals with drama, helps with grades and is a big sister over all. “We’re all like a family, but you gotta understand that it’s a lot of girls, so our attitudes, they always mingle,” said Tew

Tew said, “I’ve never like usually been a part of something at school. It gives me a chance to be here with them, like be a part of the dance.”

Knowing how to conduct yourself, being respectable and responsible enough to learn the dance are important components of being a part of the team as well as keeping grades up and being at all practices. “You come here and you work and you represent the school, so they have a lot they have to live up to.”