“Chemystery” spooks students

Honors Chemistry students experience a frightful chemistry experience before Halloween.


Ethan Zakrewski

Students attentively observe a demonstration. This demonstration created a fluorescent substance

Ethan Zakrewski, News Editor

In preparation for Halloween, Honors Chemistry students experienced a demonstration of spooky experiment

The demonstration,  which was led by  AP Chemistry students, featured experiments that created a blob of matter that glows under UV light and silly putty. “The demonstration involved chemical reactions that did creepy things that glow in the dark or glow  under UV light or had strange outcomes,” stated Darlene Sabine, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and AP Chemistry teacher. The “Chemystery” lab is created every year by Flinn Scientific, the company that the science department gets their supplies from. However, Sabine created the “orange juice to strawberry float” experiment which turns an orange liquid into an overflowing mass of red. The experiments teach students lessons in properties of chemical reactions, such as what an exothermic reaction is, the meaning of amorphous, what a polymer is, and what chemiluminescence is.

At the end of the demonstration, students voted on which experiment was their favorite. The winner of the vote was the “oozing pumpkin head” experiment. Ilya Velmiskin, junior and demonstrator of the “oozing pumpkin head” experiment, described how the experiment worked. “I basically combined two substances then put them in a pumpkin. Then I put a lid over the pumpkin so that the substance came out through the eyes.” Taylor Daniel, a sophomore, cited the “oozing pumpkin head” as his favorite part of the experiment, he said, “I thought it was a good mix of education, interaction, and fun.” Velmiskin enjoyed participating in the demonstration, stating “being in front of a class and almost teaching it was pretty cool.”