Pulseras encourage profits

Jessica Phillips, Business Manager

The members of the Spanish Honor Society can be seen walking around the school with bags of bracelets made by citizens of Nicaragua.

On Nov. 11, the Spanish Honor Society officers each received a Ziploc bag full of pulsera project bracelets that they were to sell across the student body. The bracelets, which were each multi-colored, cost $5 and were handmade by citizens of Nicaragua.

“They’re pretty special,” Mark Perez, senior, said, “Why wouldn’t you want to buy them?”

There are four different types or styles of pulseras and they each go to different groups of citizens from Nicaragua – to their different types of needs. These needs include education, something that American students are privileged to receive.

“They had a table at a world languages conference I attended,” Melodie Thurston, Spanish teacher, said about the idea behind the SHS participating in the ‘Pulsera Project’. “It seemed like a great oppurtunity.”

The Pulsera Project donates all of the proceeds back to those who created the bracelets. Not one cent of the funds is given back to the SHS students, instead, “we’re just glad to help.” Perez said.

“They’re pretty well made. Handmade. I think they’re pretty sturdy. They’ll be wearable for years, it seems like,” Clifford Brown, senior, said while trying to sell the bracelets, “They’re pretty cool, I think.”

“They need the profits more than we do.” Kiersten Hart, senior, said. “It goes toward education.”

The sales have gone well so far, and with 500 bracelets to sell in all, the SHS hopes to sell out before Thanksgiving break begins.

The bracelets are stylish, well made and are created by those in need. The proceeds benefit those who hope for a better life, making the $5 worth every cent.

“All I can say is, buy them,” Perez said while rummaging through his bag. “From any one of us… just as long as you’re helping us meet our goal.”


For more information about the mission behind this project visit: pulseraproject.org