HOSA: Honoring Outstanding Spirit and Achievements

This week, HOSA members showed their love for the club by participating in festive activities.

Kayley Boan, Student Life Editor


Day One: Scrub Day

Mégan Petty, Jessica Nelson, Ashlyn Newman, Haley Crigler, Kaylee Blount and Ally Blount wear their favorite scrubs on Monday. All of them have planned to go into the medical field after they graduate.


To kick off HOSA week, members were asked to wear their favorite scrubs. Since most members are looking to go into the medical field after high school, this makes them feel like they are representing who they want to be when they are older. “My favorite part of the week is wearing my scrubs and feeling like a professional. I get to show off that I’m in a great club with great people.” said Haley Kuller, sophomore. “It’s also a plus that [scrubs] feel like wearing pajamas.” she laughed.


Day Two: T-Shirt Tuesday 

Staisha Powell, Hannah Huie, Jessica Nelson, Hannah Nobles, Destiny Hardy, Sharde King and Alex Johnson wear their chapter shirts on Tuesday. They were designed by the HOSA officers and were submitted for a contest at the Fall Rally.

Day 2 was all about HOSA pride. Members wore their chapter t-shirts, which were designed by the officers, and showed off their love for the club. “HOSA week is really fun because you get to show your spirit. It’s super cool how people notice everyone dressed the same and become intrigued. I love how it’s just a fun thing for everyone in the club to look forward to and enjoy.” said Kaylee Blount, sophomore.



Day Three: Injury Day

Ashlyn Newman, Summer Carmack, Jessica Nelson are dying to tell you about HOSA. These girls woke up early on Wednesday to put on their fake injuries.


HOSA to me is a chance to help guide others in their journey to becoming an inspirational healthcare professional. Not only by teaching them the skills to get there, but the personality to make their journey even better.”

— Jessica Nelson, sophomore

Injury day really showed off the creative talents of the members. They came to school sporting black eyes, concussions and even in wheelchairs. They were just dying to tell you about HOSA. “I love HOSA! To me it means that I get to help people just to help them, not for the benefit of myself.” said Mégan Petty, sophomore.


Day Four: Blue for Kindness

Brittaney Simpkins, Kaylee Blount, Taylor Swain, Bailey Brannan, Sarah Davis and Alex Johnson wear blue for kindness week. HOSA has always been a advocate for kind acts.


Kind notes in lockers and orchestrated demonstrations of what it means to stand up to bullying has inspired many people, including HOSA. Members wore blue on Thursday to show their support for the kind acts. “When we all come together as a team to support a movement like this, I really think it shows what HOSA really is. Our main goal is to help others, whether we are training to be a surgeon or doing volunteer work and I think kindness is a big part of what we represent.” said Sophie Davis, sophomore.


Day Five: Shane’s Lunch

Jordan Ayers, senior, ends her last HOSA spirit week with a Shane’s meal. She has been apart of HOSA since she was a freshman.

To conclude the festive week, members were able to pay six dollars and order a meal form Shane’s Rib Shack. They had the choice of chicken tenders, barbecue pork sandwich or a chicken sandwich. Including chips, a cookie, and a cup of sweet tea. “[The meal] was very good! It was nice to get up and not worry about making my lunch that morning.” said Petty. Haley Kuller wants non- members to know that you don’t have to be apart of healthcare to be in HOSA! Anyone can join and maybe you will get to participate in HOSA week next year!