ELECTION 2016: Interview with Tom Hoefling

The Hoof Print’s election 2016 coverage continues this week with an interview with the America Party’s presidential candidate Tom Hoefling.

Tom Hoefling stands with his wife Siena.

Photo courtesy of tomhoefling.com

Tom Hoefling stands with his wife Siena.

Ethan Zakrewski, News Editor

“I have a simple rule when it comes to legislation. I ask three questions ‘is it right? Is it constitutional? Is it necessary?’ If the answer to any of those questions is ‘no,’ I will reject the legislation,” stated Tom Hoefling.

Hoefling was born in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1960, and he moved to Iowa shortly after. He has lived in Iowa for most of his life since.

According to his website, “Tom is a long-time national conservative political activist, writer, publisher, organizer, and consultant. He is known primarily for his pro-life work and his defense of traditional marriage. He has also been a long-time fierce advocate for the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, private property rights, economic liberty, fundamental tax reform, secure borders, and the maintenance of American sovereignty and security through a Reaganite peace through strength foreign policy.”

In regards to his pro-life action, Hoefling stands against the government funding of planned parenthood, stating, “the idea that we can be funding mass murders is horrible.”

Hoefling is also against the legalization of gay marriage, stating “there is no such thing as gay marriage. God made marriage. It is what it is. This whole process is destroying the family and harming the First Amendment rights of those who oppose gay marriage.”

Hoefling intends to do more than just get people talking about his campaign. He hopes to take the White House this November, as he stated “the awareness of the American people to the betrayal they’ve watched under our current bipartisan system is rising. The only thing keeping this system alive is the presidential election. I want to show poeple that America can raise principled leaders who won’t kowtow to money and media. In short, I want to raise the standards of American politics.

Hoefling can be found on the web at tomhoefling.com. You can also follow him on Twitter, @tomhoefling. He can be found on Facebook at “Tom Hoefling for President 2016.”