Boys Last Basketball game of the 2015-16 season

Ola High School played against their biggest rival, Union Grove, for their last home conference game of the year. This being a serious game for both teams, Union grove came in favor with the win last Friday night. They beat the Mustangs 60-54.

Serena Moodie, Staff Writer

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Ola was charged with a technical foul in the very beginning of the first quarter. This sent junior, #22, Austin Atkins, from Union Grove to the line, and he made the first point of the game,  score 1-0 Union Grove. Senior, #23, Nolan Broussard, went in for the shot for Ola and made it. Union Grove was charged with a shooting foul which sent, Broussard (Ola) to the line and made both shots. This brought the score to 1-4. Sophomore, #10, Wesley Simpson, from Union Grove, shoots a two-pointer. Atkins (UG) with the layup brought the score to 7-4. Senior, #5, Euhommie Bond, Union Grove, looked for one of his men and accidentally passed to Ola Sophomore, #21, Kaelon Hinton, but he couldn’t take advantage of the mistake and missed the shot. Ola boys, senior, #5, Larry Smith, passed the ball to sophomore, #10, Chris Rodriguez who assisted sophomore, #21, Kaelon Hinton, worked as a team and Hintion (Ola) made the shot 7-6. At the end of the first quarter the score was 12-6, Union Grove with the lead.

Union Grove starts the second with the ball, but Smith (Ola) blocks Union Grove junior, #34 Braelen Bridges shot. Rodriguez (Ola) knocked down senior, #33 Connor Walker and Walker was charged with a shooting foul. Rodriguez (Ola) was sent to the line and made the two 14-8. Smith (Ola) assists to Ola sophomore, #2 Josh Rushin attempts to pass to Ola High junior, #30 Bevon Wray, but he wasn’t there. 2 min left and the score is 18-12. Union Grove struggled for the layup, but Simpson (UG) made it in, score to 20-12. Smith (Ola) steals from Union Grove and travels down the court for the layup and made the shot, score 20-14. Broussard (Ola) was sent to the line and made both of his free throws at halftime the score was 24-16.

In the beginning of the 3rd quarter Union Grove was charged with a shooting foul, which sent Broussard (Ola) to the line to make both shots, which brought the score to 26-18. Simpson (UG) travels down the court and he made the layup 28-20. Union Grove now has a 10 point lead 30-20. Broussard (Ola) was sent to the line again and brought Union Grove’s lead down to 8, score 30-22. Sophomore, Kaelon Hinton (Ola) makde the first 3-ptr, which brought the score to 30-25. Smith (Ola) went up for the rebound, passed it to Hinton (Ola) and made another 3, 34-28. Broussard (Ola) passed to Smith for a 3-ptr and right after Atkins (UG) for another 3-ptr. The score is now close with 36-34. Last min of the game, Ola junior, #1, Chris Louis-Jacques went in for the layup and tied the game with 44 seconds left 36-36. Union Grove united the game, score to 38-36 at the end of the 3rd quarter.

In the beginning of the final quarter, Union Grove starts with the possession of the ball and attempts to make a shot, but missed. Broussard (Ola) went in for the rebound, but missed. Union Grove is charged with a shooting foul sending Rodriguez (Ola) to the line who made both free throws. This tied the game 38-38. Hinton (Ola) went in for the layup and re-tied the game 40-40. Right after, Union Grove untied the game with a 3- ptr. made by Simpson (UG). 6:24 left in the game and Simpson (UG) went up for a 2 and scored. The score, 47-40, 5 minutes left in the game. Broussard (UG) went for the layup and scored, 47-42. Rodriguez (Ola) runs in a two 49-44 the game is close. Ola sends Simpson (UG) to the line and he made both free throws, 51-44 and it’s almost a 10 point game again.Ola junior, #33, Jaret Youmans made a 2-ptr, 51-46. He’s then sent to the line and made his free throw. Smith (Ola) assists Louis-Jaques (Ola) and made a three 53-50. Broussard (Ola) went up for the rebound and made it 53-52. Smith (Ola) made a 2 pts which sent the score to 53-54 with 1:36 left. Union Grove took back the lead with a 3-ptr. In the last 16 sec Union Grove, senior, #11, Jordan Ateeb, made his two free throws, which brought the final score to 60-54.