The R word is NOT okay

Retarded is a word commonly used as an insult, and how much it can hurt is often forgotten.

Ellie Chandler, Staff Writer


“Retarded” was once an accurate term used to describe people with a physical or mental level lower than those their age. Now, the word is used as an insult for the more immature and heartless people due purely to a laziness to find a new word. Someone’s condition should never be used as an insult, and how my peers can use a word that once would described some of my kindest friends, as a hurtful term.


Hateful words aren’t always directed at the group they once described, and yet that is who is hurt the most. Why is someone’s life and condition an insult? How is retarded used in replace for ignorant, when the use of it as an insult is ignorant in itself? When looking for an insult, please, try to consider how much it can hurt.


The special needs students are some of the most thoughtful and kind people you might ever meet. Neither these students, nor your friend who couldn’t get his locker open are retarded.The R word is something that is not only hurtful, but out of date. This word is no longer used as a medical term and is not politically correct, and the rest of the world should realize that. It is not okay to use in any possible situation.


Without the R word, the world would be a better place. This ord truly does hurt. It hurts me when I hear it, It hurts the special needs students who have to hear it in the lunchroom and in the hallway. People use the word so loosely or carelessly, and without a second thought, so maybe ending the R word starts with that.