Huff harvests hefty and healthy plants

Agriculture science teacher, Tyler Huff reminisces over the 2016 plant sale and the aspects he considers to change in order to profit more for the agricultural program at Ola.

Sav Simpson, Social Manager

Within the span of a week, Tyler Huff, agricultural science teacher, managed to plan his second plant sale, with the help of students, beginning on March 28 and ending on April 1 in the large green house to the side of the school.

“My first experience was when I was in college; we had a greenhouse management class, and we basically had to do what we’ve done this year,” Huff said. Throughout his college experience, Huff had to execute his own plant sale and raise various plant types which helped aid his experience here at Ola.

Huff also had this experience as a student teacher; the 2016 school year consumes his third trial of plant sale expertise in hope of having benefits for the students, himself included. “I expect the kids to get a lot of experience working with real life applications with the plants,” Huff stated.

In high hopes to raise a bucket load of money, Huff plans to purchase a new plethora of plants for next years sale to increase  the demand for the club’s product.

Huff plans to purchase a more supplementary assortment of flowers and vegetable plants for next year which showed a high demand for the 2016 sale.

“It’s basically our only fundraiser that funds our FFA activities,” Huff said. ” We were very satisfied; we sold probably half our inventory.” Huff considers this year’s plant transactions to be a success and is still showing efforts to sell additional plants after the designated plant dealing week.

“In the first week, we raised about $1800 dollars and hopefully, we can sell some more because we have a bunch of inventory left,” Huff stated. Huff also included that advertising the sale is imperative and important which is something he will be increasing when next year’s sale springs around the corner.

With a exceedingly high student involvement rate in the sale, Huff discovered that his students have a passion for farming and raising plants in order to create a business.However, the agricultural department did not sale all of their stock which left them with with many plants to take care of.

Nonetheless, Huff reinstates that people can still purchase plants, but some of the vegetable plants will be planted near the greenhouse. Huff also has the idea of creating Mother’s Day arrangements with the remaining flowers for the students to take home.

Overall, Huff deemed the sale to be quite successful and is impressed with how well the students worked together to benefit their school organization.