Students brave line for physicals

Eagle’s Landing Family Practice provides athletes the opportunity to get their required physical at Ola High.


Ethan Zakrewski

Students patiently wait in line. Some students were in line for over an hour.

Calye Beale, Arts & Entertainment Editor

On April 27th, 2016, Gidget Gue, P.E teacher, organized for after school physicals to take place in the gym. The physicals only cost ten dollars and were open for all students to come. This annual opportunity also features extremely long lines.
Ryan O’Dell, sophomore, braves the long line so he can get a cheaper physical. O’Dell said,”It’s cheaper and I don’t have to stress about going to a doctor.” Madison Hayes, freshman, agreed with O’Dell as she said, “It’s cheaper and faster than waiting 30 minutes at a doctor’s office.” Hayes stated the line was not worth it, but O’Dell thought it was due to the cheaper price.
Gue strategically picked April due to the fact that it allows physicals to be valid for the entire upcoming school year. Gue said,”If you get it done in April, it’s good all the way through the end of next school year, so it’s like you get an extra month out of your physical.”
Gue plans to continue this yearly event next year as it has been growing. 188 students got a physical this year, which is a larger amount than last year’s 162. The school did not profit from this event as all the profits went to Eagle’s Landing Family Practice, which uses the money for various community outreach programs.