Cadet Colonel hands over command

Colonel Brown is about to receive command until another Cadet Colonel can be identified. This was the main event of the ceremony.

Taylor Watkins, Editor-in-Chief

As he headed toward graduation, Cadet Colonel Bryon Carroll relinquished his command of the Air Force Junior ROTC program during a ceremony in his honor on May 3.

While they have had many changes of command ceremonies, this was the program’s first relinquish of command ceremony. At this time, command resides with Colonel Micheal Brown until a Cadet Colonel can be identified from the students. “At no point in time is there no one in charge,” said Brown. Later, when a Cadet Colonel is found, an assumption of command ceremony will take place.

At the ceremony, David Shedd, principal, spoke to the audience about Carroll’s character. Carroll’s family and many of the JROTC students were in attendance.

The ceremony’s main purpose was to honor Carroll and his accomplishments as Cadet Colonel, a position he has held throughout the year. “I liken Cadet Carroll’s command to our President, President Barack Obama,” said Brown as he addressed the audience. According to Brown, Carroll did not have the full support of the entire Cadet Corp. “But he did not let that stop him, he didn’t let it hinder him,” said Brown.

Brown announced at this ceremony that together the unit has gotten over 5,000 community service hours this year. According to Brown, much of this can be attributed to Carroll’s command. “No matter what was going on he made sure that if we committed to something…it happened to the best of his ability,” said Brown. Brown thanked Carroll and Carroll’s family for all their support.

After this, Carroll received the Superior Performance ribbon, and he is only the second Cadet to receive this award. “It has been a remarkable four years in this program,” said Carroll while he spoke to the audience.

Then they commenced with the relinquishing of command by handing the school flag over to Colonel Brown. Carroll led the group in the Air Force song.

After graduation, Carroll will go to Valdosta State and plans on being a part of the Senior ROTC program there.