Alumni advertise life outside of high school

On Thursday, May 12th two of Ola's very own AFJROTC aluminis came back to the riffle range to share some words of wisdom.

Gracie Henderson, Staff Writer

Both Second Lieutenant Nathaniel Stowers Second Lieutenant Erinika Tayliaferro graduated in May, 2012. 2dLt Tayliaferro will be heading to the Pentagon on May 13th to start a three month internship. Then she plans to go to law school for three years and recommission into the Air Force. 2LT Stowers plans to go to his  infantry base optical illusion course at Fort Benning, Georgia. After he has graduated from that he will be attending Ranger school and then he will move on to become a platoon leader.

2dLt Tayliaferro and 2LT S towers both shared many important things to think about when getting ready to leave high school. They talked about what to pay attention to and what they did to get where they are. They also gave advice on how to present yourself and how to act when you want to pursue a career.

“If I’m not willing to change places with you right this second, then you should not be my mentor,” 2LT Stowers stated. After sharing his philosophy about mentors, 2LT Stowers goes on to explain that the people you look up to and follow should be the kind of people you would want to see yourself as. Stowers also recognized a Major Duke as one of the people that he looks up to. The idea of a mentor has inspired 2LT Stowers to become the kind of leader people want to be. 2LT Stowers says that he is working hard to get to that point in his life too.

This lecture from 2dLt Tayliaferro and 2LT Stowers lasted the whole day. They shared stories of their life and gave plenty of life helping advice to the students that were lucky enough to hear it. They showed that life after high school is hard work and that you have to want it in order to succeed.