A band-tastic experience for bambinos

Many second graders from Ola Elementary join in the band room with Todd Manson’s, band teacher, fourth period class to experience an up close encounter with musical instruments like never before.

Sav Simpson , Opinions Editor

Sav Simpson

On Friday, the 13 of May, band teacher, Todd Manson and his fourth period class entertained 100 Ola Elementary second graders in the high school band room to introduce different elements of musical pieces along with engaging their listening skills by playing different instruments.

“I don’t know, I could probably play the flute or the trumpet,” second grader Sky Campbell said. Campbell was mildly excited to listen to the band when she arrived, but her face lit up once she heard the first note. However, Campbell does not plan on joining the band in middle or high school.

Joseph Murray, second grader, was thrilled to be given the opportunity to listen to the fourth period band class and to have the opportunity to listen to what he might be doing in his future. “I like instruments,” Murray stated, furthermore; Murray loves to watch the marching band, but did not include the activity on his bucket list.

Jason Moss, second grader was also excited to listen to the band, especially because he was sitting with his pal, Joseph Murray. “I’m really interested in musical instruments,” Moss said. Moss hopes to one day play his favorite instrument in the band which is the trumpet.

Each child turned their listening ears on while sitting criss-cross apple sauce quietly on the floor in front of the band. Even though the students are only considered second graders, they are already planning out their future. Maybe band will be included in their middle school schedule on day in the future.