Giving the 100 a 100

Tonight at 9, "The 100" season 3 finale airs on CW.

Gracie Henderson, Staff Writer

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March 19th marks the end of the popular show “The 100”. Thursday the finale of this show will be watched by many. “The 100” is a show based off of Kass Morgan’s “The 100” trilogy. In 2013 ,this book became so popular that a year later it was turned into a TV show on CW. This show stars Eliza Taylor and Bobby Morley. This show might be based off the books, but there are MANY differences between them.

“The 100” is set a after a nuclear war that destroyed the earth and forced people to live in spaces as their only chance of survival. Up on the space ark the rules are very strict. If even the smallest law is broken you are sent to jail or killed. The 100 are all a group of kids younger than 18 that were once prisoners. They are all sent down to earth to see if it is survivable since the ark is growing too populated and losing all oxygen. The 100 faces many problems and dangers as they first land on earth.

The books are told from many different character’s point of views. In each chapter the characters share flashbacks of their lives on the ark so you can learn more about each character. When they land on earth each one seems to have something to hide. It is up to the reader to figure each character’s secret out. The books are wild from start to finish. They have heartbreak, adventure, romance, and tragedy. You will never want to put it down.

The show is a totally different story. In the show they added more characters while getting rid of some of the original book characters. For example, Glass is not seen in the show at all but she is a huge part in the book, and how Finn is a character in the show but not mentioned at all in the books. When Bellamy Blake arrives to earth he naturally takes charge and rallies up the other delinquents. Clarke also finds herself holding some of the power over the group too. When watching this show you are constantly holding your breath. There is never a moment when you can just relax. Something is always happening to each character and it makes it hard to pick a favorite.

Nothing is the same in the books or in the show. Usually this kind of thing would bother someone, but this adaptation is an exception to some. “Its very exciting, it has so many plot twist, and it always keeps you on edge,” Ana Heard, sophomore, stated. The show and the movie both have the perfect amount of excitement and shock factor. When watching the show you forget about all the “mistakes” that happen because of how entertaining it is and it’s the same for the book.

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