Chapter 9: Rookie Year

Bronlyn Holland, Sports & Health Editor

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This has been one crazy year I would say. It has just flown by and I can’t stop time to just be in a moment before it’s gone. This year was my first year on the Hoof Print staff. Edition after edition, event after event, now it is all a blur in the past. Also, I had a big transition into freshman year. Many opportunities came my way.

As for the Class of 2016, I can only imagine what they are thinking about how their high school career was before they walk across that stage tonight. The good memories and surely some bad memories might be running through their heads. If I were in their position, I would most likely be bawling my eyes out thinking about all the good times I had through the four years or even back to the elementary years. What about the seniors who thought they wouldn’t be graduating but are getting their diploma? Those are the times you would want to cherish.

So much has happened to me this year. Looking back on some of the memories from this year make me laugh and shed a tear wanting to relive that moment. I can’t wait to be a senior and when I’m sitting on the field as the valedictorian is giving their speech and looking at my journey through high school and being able to say “I made it! All the projects and late nights with no sleep have finally paid off!”

The Class of 2020 are the new freshmen now. At the bottom of the pyramid, where we all start as we walk through Ola High School’s front doors on August 1st at 8:05 am. They will have a journey to go by and the legacy of some seniors have been passed down. They will continue what the seniors have left for them to finish.

Tonight, when the seniors receive their diploma, I can say “See you real soon, Class of 2016!” and, “Welcome home, Class of 2020!”

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  1. Salina Patel on May 28th, 2016 3:04 pm

    This is presh. <3


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