Volleyball works hard and plays hard

The OHS Volleyball team works hard on and off the court.


Photo by Jessica Louis

Hannah Collins completes an online test with the help of Sauvignon Hayes, both seniors.

Jessica Louis, Staff Writer

Players on the Lady Mustangs complete homework between games to ensure academic and athletic success.

Tuesday and Thursday nights are packed with blood sweat and cheers from Ola high school’s volleyball team. Between spiking the ball and catching up on work, the volleyball players are busy at  work all night.

All of this hard work pays off though. Ola High School’s varsity volleyball team is ranked 6th in the class 5A region, and their grades match in excellence.

The end of games usually range from 8:30 to 9:00, based on the number of games played and the level of intensity. Arriving home at approximately 9:30 gives players only a couple of hours to complete any homework assigned earlier in the day.

“It’s not overwhelming. You just do the work whenever you have time.” Says Hannah Collins, senior.

Many of the teammates would agree that the amount of homework during game days are manageable if the time is used wisely. Part of the reason for the athlete’s dedication to completing work is the pressure to make good grades in order to stay on the team. Even though volleyball players aren’t mandated to turn in a signed paper from all of their teachers with a record of their grade included, they are still expected to perform well academically before they perform on the court.

“I’ll do the work ahead of time, or I’ll have to make a to-do list after games,” says Jennell Horn, senior.

In the event that the players don’t use their free time to catch up on work, it must be done by any means necessary.
“I stay up to 1:30 in the morning doing my stuff,” said Skyla Whitaker, junior.