TSA club excels at CORE convention

The TSA club came home from their convention on September 17th and 18th with a great achievement.


Photo by Ashley Edwards

A group in TSA working on the robot named 5203T. The club had many achievements in the past such as the VEX championship hosted here at Ola in March.

Ashley Edwards, Staff Writer

TSA, or Technology Student Association’s officers went to a convention called CORE, Chapter Officer Retreat for Excellence. At this convention, officers learned how to advance in their positions, become better engineers and bond with one another. This also helped them to plan out what they wanted to succeed this year for the whole club.

“Basically we did things like making a calendar of what we wanted to accomplish this year,” said the TSA president Josh Nobles, senior. “So a lot of bonding and a lot of like, preparing for this year.”

At the convention, the officers also took a test called the Statesmen Test which was on TSA history. This test changes every year, so one must study every year to pass. Everyone passed but one person which gave the team a 90 percent passing rate. Two officers, the treasurer, Hunter McDaniel , senior, and Sergeant at Arms, Jayson Gilmer, junior, both got perfect scores on the 50 question test.

Not only the club itself but conventions like these really helps officers with leadership skills as well.

“It’s the place where I go to learn how to interact on a leader level.” said Jayson Gilmer, “It’s where I go to get skills that will help me later in life.”

The club is confident and ready for their next conference coming up soon. They know that teamwork and hard work will get them more achievements later throughout the year.

” TSA, to me, means teamwork and leadership,” McDaniel said, “We’re all just one big family.”