Ola vs. LG: a game heard from the stands

Screams and cheers seemed to be the only sound erupting from the Mustang stadium this Friday night.

Taylor Watkins, Editor-in-Chief

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People who have never been to a home football game may not understand the incredible hype surrounding the Ozone, and it almost seems like the students there have their own language. To fully understand, a person has to be in it, but here are some of the things heard on Friday night from the student sections.


Pink balloons were released for people affected by breast cancer. This caused a collective “Awww” from the Ozone as the balloons floated away.

Then came the traditional turning of backs and booing as the opponent, Locust Grove took the field.

“Hey, he’s playing tonight,” Trent Broome, junior, said as the Mustangs take the field. He was talking about junior Chris Rodriguez. There was a rumor that the game with Locust Grove might spark some violence due to the strong rivalry between the schools, and some thought it could affect whether or not he would play.

1st Quarter

The 1st touchdown takes place shortly after the clock starts and it’s a lead for Ola.

“Zach’s in,” Garrett Cosby said, “Zach will outrun anyone on the field.” Two minutes were left in the quarter when Zach Harp, junior, was put on the field.

At the end of the first quarter, we’re in the lead 7-0

2nd Quarter

A popular cheer, “I believe that we will win,” is shouted throughout the Ozone as the quarter begins.

At around six minutes left the Wildcats score a touchdown and put us in a tie, 7-7

Now it’s about 3rd in nine,” Kendell Hart, junior, said. “3rd in 12,” Erin Ledbetter, junior, said in responses.

“We didn’t even score or anything,” Tory Armstrong, junior, said as the crowd cheers because the Mustangs got an interference.

“They’re bad people were going to win,” Devian Mooney, sophomore, said jokingly. Many comments like this were said and students rooted for their team.

Mustangs score a touchdown with about three minutes left in the quarter, but then Locust Grove score and we entered the half tied 14-14.

Half Time (On the LG side)

The Locust Grove student section was blacked out for this rival game. Many of the students felt that their players were doing well.

“If we keep playing like we do I hope we’ll win,” Kaelin Kuat, senior, said.

The Locust Grove student section popped confetti and threw red powder toward the end of halftime.

3rd Quarter

The game continues with many attempts by both sides to get a touchdown but in the end, we remain tied 14-14.

4th Quarter

“It’s our Chick-fil-A,” Grant Cathers, junior, said as Locust Grove receives $1000 for winning the receipt challenge. This was announced right before the start of the fourth quarter.

Ola scores a touchdown taking the lead, 20-14

Locust grove scores two points when the Mustangs walk into their end zone, 20-16.

“Heck yeah we’re storming the field,” Bosco Domingo, senior, said. Last home game students were allowed to run onto the field after the game ended to cheer on the players who had just won.

Locust Grove narrowly missed a touchdown around the three-minute mark, and this caused a lot of cheering from the Ozone.

“We have 126 seconds left,” Hunter McDaniel, senior, said when the clock read 2:06.

The game ended with a mustang victory, 20-16.


The student of the Ozone rushed the field.

“That was a game,” Daniel Chapman, senior, said while standing among the cheers of victory.