Freshman take advantage of IF

Mandatory IFs are instilling study habits into freshman and teaching them how to manage their time.

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Freshman take advantage of IF

Meredith Greene, Staff Writer

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For the past three years, all freshman have been required to take an IF. This has been a source of controversy for students and teachers.

Freshmen being required to take an IF blocks out a class period for them, and many  freshmen are on board with this whole idea. Most freshmen really seem to enjoy and take advantage of their opportunity to get their work done.

“I get to get all my assignments done so I don’t have a lot of homework at home,” said Maggie Hartman, freshman.

This is especially true for freshmen who are getting used to high school while spending 2-4 hours of their after school time playing sports.

“I work on homework or read for read love most of the time because usually I’m playing sports, so I don’t have much time at home,” said Brianna Humber, freshman

So while it seems that the majority of freshmen don’t mind this block of time being taken out of their schedule, when asked if IF should be a requirement some freshman seemed to not be on board with the idea.

“If you want to get ahead and can handle the work, they [administration] shouldn’t make you take an IF,” said Tucker MacFarlane, freshman.

So, if you are a responsible hardworking freshman with limited outside activities, it would seem that taking on another class in place of IF would not be a problem, but it seems that IF offers more than just study time. It instills study habits necessary for success in high school.

“Yes, it really helps to get your work done because some of them [freshman] don’t learn how to study and you can use IF to learn how to do that,” says Hartman.

As a freshman, whether you think IF should be required or not, it’s certain that you can’t utilize the time you’re given if you don’t choose the right class to go to and have the right work ethic.

“It’s up to each and every student to take advantage of the time they have in IF. So if you take a student that’s really used their time in IF to better themselves and get help, then of course it will be an advantage for that student. But just taking a student and putting them in IF doesn’t give them [an advantage], unless they take it upon themselves,” said Debra O’Quinn, assistant principal.

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