History is made under the lights

The football team makes it to the playoffs after an undefeated home season.


Bronlyn Holland

The football team makes their entrance on last time on the field. They were pumped and ready to win.

Bronlyn Holland and Meredith Greene

On November fourth, the football team made history by being undefeated at home and going to the state playoffs. Ola won 41-0 against Hampton High School.

By the end of the night, the season was brought to 7-3. The team also won against Locust Grove High School after a four year losing streak and Union Grove High School with a three year winning streak. Dutchtown High School was defeated after losing 11 years straight.

There were three touchdowns made by Chris Rodriguez, number 24. Hampton fumbled the ball and tried to recover, but Logan Holloman, number 42, made the recovery and took the ball to the end-zone for the fourth touchdown of the night.

The stadium was filled with cheers from the Ola community and kept the team pumped up. When there were only four seconds left on the clock, the student section ran on to the field to congratulate the team when the timer ran out.

“Unbelievable feeling” Jared Zito,head coach said after being asked about going to the playoffs. ” Proud of our kids and our whole community. What an awesome night for Ola,” Zito said.

He also mentioned how the seniors left a legacy for years to come.

“We are gonna hang a banner in that gym for the first time… and they raised the bar for everyone else who will come through and play Ola football,” Zito said.

Being a senior for this game is bittersweet. “I have no words for it,” Sauvignon Hayes, 52 senior,said. ” We got a couple games to win and then we are going to state and win the state championship,” Hayes said.

Bruce Fowler, middle school head coach, helps out the team on Friday nights.

“This is a long time coming. It’s an awesome feeling. These boys have worked hard since they were in middle school, seventh and eighth grade and all the way up through,” Fowler said.

Fowler believes the team is ready for next week.

“Ola football in the past has been, ‘Well how bad is it gonna be?’ and now it is ‘How great can it be'” said Fowler.

The team in the past has been known for many losing streaks throughout the years.

Lewis Bailey, assistant offensive line coach, is very proud of his Mustangs.

“It’s a wonderful feeling,” Bailey said. “Playing at home has been fun… the kids seem to play hard here and everybody is totally excited about going to the playoffs. We are looking forward to it,” Bailey said.

He mentioned the team played very hard on Friday, which resulted in the win.

“They’ve had to work real hard… for them to play as well as they did tonight and to have this much success,I think they are happy,” Bailey said.

Keyondre Riley, senior, is ready for the playoffs.

“It feels great, like making history. I can’t even express it,” Riley said. “I’m just happy,” Riley said when asked about this being the last home game.

The first state playoff is Friday, November 11th in Waycross, Georgia against Ware County High School.