Here comes the court

Look no further for your homecoming court.

Moya Leung and Lavaun Thompson stand as king and queen of homecoming. They had never won before.

Taylor Watkins, Editor-in-Chief

When they said my name I didn’t move”

— Moya Leung

Many people consider being on homecoming court as a high honor and this year was no exception, court members went all out to show school spirit but in the end Moya Leung and Lavuan Thompson ended up taking home the crowns.

“Everybody on court this year was like amazing even down to the freshman like every single person was amazing this year, so it was anyone’s game,” said Thompson.

However his friend, Taylor McHenry, who was also on court, disagreed.

“I was like 99.99999 percent sure he was going to get it,” McHenry said.

Many think that the choice to nominate people from clubs helped the court be more diverse.

“I feel like there are so many people around the school that deserve it and don’t get that recognition like Ethan Zakrewski, if we didn’t do it that way Ethan wouldn’t get on, but he’s one of them that deserves to actually get on, so I feel like it was a good representation of Ola,” Leung, homecoming queen, said.

I wasn’t expecting it at all”

— Lavaun Thompson

Both Leung and Thompson are honored, and many are proud to have them as queen and king.