Audience takes a trip through the rabbit hole

Despite a quick turnaround, the theater department wowed with their performance of Alice in Wonderland


Photo by Ethan Zakrewski

Taylor McHenry and Maggie Reardon, seniors, meet as their characters in Wonderland. Previously, Alice had fallen through a rabbit hole.

Ethan Zakrewski, Online Editor

Last night, theater’s fall play, “Alice in Wonderland,” was performed at the Henry County Performing Arts Center with half of the proceeds benefiting the family of former Ola student Matthew Hicks.

The fall play was originally intended to be “A Piece of My Heart,” but complications in the show’s production led to the switch to “Alice.”

The show didn’t come to fruition without its own set of tribulations, however, as the show was produced in only one week’s time.

“I feel like the show went really great for something we put together in a week,” said Taylor McHenry, senior, “We had a really fun time putting it together.”

McHenry played the role of the Cheshire Cat.

Maggie Reardon, senior, played Alice.

“I was most satisfied during the beginning of the show because I had four monologues which was a lot to memorize in only a week.”

Many members of the cast were quick to cite the show’s director, Mackenzie Kelley, junior, as a major cog in the show’s success.

“Mackenzie Kelley deserves an Oscar and a Grammy,” said McHenry, “She directed the heck out of this show and was literally amazing.”  

“She had to keep us all in check, and, without her, I think we all would’ve gone mad,” said Reardon.

While the show was widely considered to be a success, some members of the cast wished that they had more time to put the show together.

“I wish we had had more time to prepare the lights, sound effects and backdrops better,” said Scot Cohran, sophomore. Cohran played the King.

“The show was really rushed, and I think, if we would have been able to work on the show for a month or two, it would have been so much better,” said Reardon.

McHenry, however, said she would not change any of the experience.

“”Even though we put together the show in a week, it was a challenge and everyone had to find their character and be their character, so I’m happy with it,” she said.

The contentment felt by McHenry and other members of the cast have boiled over into excitement for the future.

“We’ve put together two good shows, and we are doing pretty great, so I’m happy to see what comes next,” McHenry said.

Cohran echoed her statement.

“This play makes me very excited for the future because we have such talented people,” Cohran said.