Ola sends football and cheer teams to competition

Varsity football plays tonight at Ware County High School in the first round of the state playoffs. Competition cheerleaders travel to Columbus tomorrow seeking another state title.


Meredith Greene, Staff Writer

This morning, students took time out of first period to celebrate and encourage the  football team as they travel to Ware County High School to compete in the  playoffs.

“It crazy. We’ve been talking about it since we were in middle school. We would talk about how we were going to make history,” Jake Nelson, senior, said.

Going to the playoffs is a particularly exciting accomplishment for seniors like Nelson, as final game will be held at the playoffs. Possibly even more exciting is being one of the five freshmen that get to go.

“Its an honor to be here and I get to see how it’s gonna be in the future. There’s nowhere to go but up from here,” Chandler Durham, freshman, said.

Not only did we honor our football team today, we also honored our competiton cheerleaders for their acomplishment of chasing another state title. 

“We felt very blessed and beyond happy that what we’ve worked for so long was finally happening,” Katie Dillingham, sophomore, said.

The cheerleaders and coaches have spent hours choreographing and practicing for this day.

“We spent a lot of time focusing on just doing our best and leaving everything else that we couldn’t control alone and just worrying about ourselves,” Stacey Schmuhl said.

The Hoofprint staff congratulates both teams on their accomplishments and wish them luck at their competitions.