Freshmen Begin a Challenging Year

The class of 2018 should expect a more rigorous school career as they move on to high school.

Daniel Alston and Salina Patel

This August a large freshmen class is coming to Ola High School and adjusting to a more challenging schedule. Nervousness is to be expected. Laura Anne Beacham, a freshman, is nervous “because there are so many new aspects to it compared to middle school,” but is still looking forward to the experience. An incoming ninth grader should be sure to keep a few things in mind.

Do not go crazy all at once. High school grants some freedoms which increase as time passes.  Students are responsible for being present for class, getting your work done on time, collecting your own make-up work, etc. The difficulties fade, but freedom should not be abused.

Each school operates differently. Get to know the school. The handbook, your teachers, and your administrators can fill you in on the rules, but there are so many aspects to a starting high school that have to be experienced firsthand. Knowledge comes during the first year, but attending open house aids new students and returning students alike meet their new teachers.

Get involved. There are activities and organizations for everyone at OHS, from Bible Study Club to VEX Robotics. If you start searching now, you may find involvement that continues into the future. As Claire Burnett, junior, said, “[She is] looking forward to being much more involved in extracurricular activities and clubs.”

There’s a lot of pressure. With classes, sports, and leadership positions, some students will face building stress until graduation. Try to befriend someone older that has been through it all before. Upperclassmen should not be afraid to ask someone younger for help; when times get rough, a friend goes a long way.

There are perks. Dances and free periods all lie ahead. Seniors, of course, get quite a few perks such as an hour lunch and the option to take an academic extension. Seniors also have prom, senior breakfast, field day, senior week, and graduation to look forward to.

By keeping a level head and open mind, one’s entire high school experience can be enjoyable. Pack bags full of notebooks, pencils and other supplies to start off organized in preparation for a successful year at OHS. But as far as the first day is concerned, Chance Hinds, sophomore, stated, “a good attitude.”