A return to conditioning brings optimism to lacrosse team

After going 1-11 in ther first year, the lacrosse team is optimistic for a better season.

Ethan Zakrewski, Online Editor

The lacrosse team began conditioning for its 2017 season last week, and many on the team consider this year’s season to be off to a great start.

The program is in its second year at Ola High School, and first-year teacher Daniel Stowers will be manning the helm as coach of the team.

The new coach is not new to the sport. He played lacrosse in high school, and he has coached various sports including lacrosse for over 20 years, including some time coaching a baseball team of South Korean orphans.

Stowers has started his conditioning regimen with a specific intention.

“Conditioning is very, very important because lacrosse is like soccer in the sense that a coach can teach you the skills of the game, but they can’t teach you to be in shape quickly,” he said, “Lacrosse is a sport where you’re constantly running up and down the field, and, if you’re not in shape, you’re not going to be able to keep up.”

The attention to developing endurance has not gone unnoticed by lacrosse players.

“This year, conditioning is going better for me, but it has also been more painful. We’ve been focused on endurance a lot more this year,” said Jenaiya Lacy, senior.

Stowers has placed a focus on developing the girls’ endurance by pushing them to reach a target heart rate then maintain it for twenty minutes.

“There are  different activities we do [compared to last season],” said Kat Lane, senior, “ I feel like it’s more focused on getting our strength up so we can have more endurance for the season…we’re focused on winning more games this year rather than just playing.”

The team has had around 20 girls at each conditioning session, a number which affords more flexibility over last season as there were struggles to simply fill the team.

“Last year, we were just trying to get enough people on the team, but now it’s less of an issue. Coach Stowers has been able to focus more on getting us to the playoffs,” said Lacy senior.

She and the rest of her team have their eyes set on a better performance than last season.

“I’m already setting the goal of making the playoffs and reaching the top four in the region,” said Stowers.

He and the rest of the team plan to work to make that vision a reality.

Their first game is on March 1 against Locust Grove.