Basketball games show stylistic differences between the girls and boys

Three Mustang basketball teams took on Union Grove this Thursday with defeating results.

Taylor Watkins, Editor-in-Chief

Basketball games packed the gym on Thursday night, but unfortunately, no Mustang team could beat Union Grove’s Wolverines. However, as the games begin right after each other spectators get the chance to see the different ways girls and boys play the game.


It started at 4:15 when the JV girl’s basketball team played against the Union Grove’s JV team. Union Grove won with 30 points. Ola ended with 21.


Union Grove beat the Lady Mustangs in the Varsity game that started at 6 pm. Though they ended the night 52-36, Ky’Monna Pickering, junior, thinks they played a good game.

“We were knocking down shots. We were passing the ball. We were doing good on defense, and offensively we just did good. Even though we still lost, it was a good game. We hadn’t played like that in a while,” Pickering said.


At 7:30 the gym was at it’s fullest for the Varsity boy’s game against Union Grove. A slow start got the boys behind and, they lost the game 42-69.

“We started off slow and that was the reason we got behind and I think that’s one of the reasons we lost, but I think we didn’t execute our plays, and we didn’t play together like we usually do,” Chris Louis-Jacques, senior, said.

Taylor Watkins
Bryon Wrenn, girl’s basketball coach, thinks boys tend to go for flashy plays like a dunk. The boys showed this at the game on Thursday against Union Grove.