STAR student selects Sewell

Nicole Conn, STAR student, recognizes Steve Sewell as the STAR teacher this year.

Taylor Watkins, Editor-in-Chief

Photo courtesy of Conn family
Nicole Conn was recognized as STAR student. She chose Sewell as STAR teacher.

Last week, David Shedd announced to the school the Nicole Conn was recognized as STAR student, and she chose Steve Sewell as STAR teacher who was STAR student at his high school.

STAR stands for Student Teacher Achievement Recognition and it is given to a student who scored the highest on the SAT and is in the top 10 percent. The STAR students from around the county are given a breakfast in their honor, and the person the with highest SAT score from that pool of individuals is honored at the state level.

To Sewell, this recognition is even better than being STAR student in high school.

“I feel better about this because of who chose me. It’s nice to get recognized by your peers, by other teachers, the administration, etcetera, to me it’s even more important to be recognized by a student, this is huge to me,” Sewell said.

When the selection was made, it was a big boost for Sewell who had been in a rut for a bit.

“My classes are struggling this year, academically and that worries me. I have a pretty relaxed atmosphere in my classrooms but that’s as long as the classes are doing well,” Sewell said, “this put a smile on my face.”

N. Conn was in Sewell’s class last year, but he still has a good relationship with N. Conn.

“I look at Nicole as almost like an adopted daughter. She and I are somewhat alike in personality. She’s very down to earth. We had to do a video tape for the breakfast…and I asked her how she wanted to dress for that and she goes ‘I’m going to wear leggings and a nice shirt. You and I are plain people. Let’s be what we are. We’re the same.’ I thought that was a compliment, her looking at me as being similar to her, because I think a lot of her,” Sewell said.

Being selected as STAR student was a surprise to N. Conn.

“She, at first, didn’t know what it was, but once she realized what it was she accepted it as a very high honor,” Gail Conn, N. Conn’s mother, said.

“She does nothing but her best on everything, if it’s not to her best standards, she’s not ready to turn it in,” Sewell said.

N. Conn is a full-time dual enrollment student and recently got accepted to Georgia Tech where she plans to study bio or environmental engineering.

“I never really loved high school…Last year he was just really someone that I could talk to when I was struggling through immaturity,” N. Conn said. “He was just someone I could talk to.”

N. Conn wishes she would have known more about the STAR student recognition and taken the SAT again to try for a higher score. The state STAR banquet will be held on April 24.