Hall’s class rises above the rest

Tasha Hall’s ninth grade English classes organized a group effort to raise the most money in the Ferst Foundation fundraiser


Photo courtesy of David Shedd

Tasha Hall’s freshmen pose after winning the Ferst Foundation fundraiser. Last year, Deb Salter’s freshmen won the same competition in its first year.

Ethan Zakrewski, Online Editor

For the last two years, freshmen have taken the lead in their classrooms to raise the most money for the Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy in a school-wide fundraiser.

The foundation, which aims to provide books for preschoolers in an effort to increase childhood literacy, will be receiving  $825 from the fundraiser.

This year, Tasha Hall’s freshmen managed to out-raise their peers, leaving their teacher impressed.

“The ambassadors devised a plan where they would compete against each other each class period…I’m very proud. They did a selfless act, and that’s why I really pushed them to understand what they were doing it for, and they seemed to understand why they did it, and that’s the most important part,” Hall said.