Rivals step up to the plate

Mustangs win against the Wolverines with a win of 8-7.

Bronlyn Holland, Sport's Editor

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With a season of 6-5 so far, the Mustangs won against Union Grove making it 7-5 on March 10. It was a slow start for the team in the beginning.

At the start of the game, Edwards didn’t know how this game would shape out.

“A little down I guess,”Beau Edwards, head coach, said when asked about how he felt in the first couple of innings.

“In the beginning because we didn’t come out real hot…Towards the end of the game, we scratched and clawed our way back and obviously static at the end there with a win like that,” Edwards said.

It was an intense game for the Mustangs when it came to playing against the Wolverines. Each boy in the game had to have his head in the game to pull out a win.

“Just try to stay high energy and do the best we can to get on bases,” Korey Carroll, sophomore, said when asked how his mindset was throughout the game. Carroll is the catcher for the Mustangs.

The team had to focus on the ball and how close it was to the base for them to decide if they were going forward, going back or get out.

“Tried to get runners on and get them over and get them in,” Cason Barnett, sophomore, said. He plays left field.

There were a couple of areas the team needed to work on more.

“Being more aggressive at the plate and not swinging at balls, but other than that I think we did fine,” Jacob Phelps, junior, said. He is first baseman.

At the end of the seventh inning, Union Grove and Ola were tied. They had to go into an extra inning to break the tie. All bases were loaded at the bottom of the inning.

Noah Norman, junior, stepped up to bat and scored us the point for the team to win.

“I was confident. I knew he was gonna get a hit and we were gonna dog pile on the field. I was excited,” Phelps said.

The final score of the game was 8-7.

The Mustangs will go against the Wolverines again at Union Grove on Monday. They are determined to get a second win from them this season.

Bronlyn Holland
Jordan Armstrong, junior, throws a pitch for the first inning. Armstrong was the first pitcher of the night

Bronlyn Holland
Matthew Mamatas, junior, steps up to the plate. Mamatas was the third batter for Ola in the game.

Bronlyn Holland
Patrick Holloman, freshman, is ready to pitch the ball. Holloman pitched for two innings.

Bronlyn Holland
The mustangs pile on the field after the win against Union Grove to celebrate. They won 8-7.

Coston Anderson, senior, throw the last pitch for Ola. After his pitch, the mustangs went into an extra inning for a tie breaker.













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