VEX sells t-shirts to support World Championship qualification

VEX robotics teams from Ola elementary, middle and high school have qualified for the World Championship.


Photo courtesy of Schmitt

This is on the front of the shirt. The patterns are the same as those the team will be wearing at Worlds.

Taylor Watkins, Editor-in-Chief

After much work, three levels, elementary, middle and high, have qualified for the World Champion VEX Robotics Competition because of this they are currently selling t-shirts and hoodies for their supporters.

“It’s odd for all three levels to have robotics and then for all three levels to be going to worlds is a pretty unique thing,” Christie Schmitt, engineering teacher, said.

The t-shirts themselves will not make any profit for the teams, but the VEX program does have a GoFundMe as well as a golf tournament on April 13 set up to help with the cost which is on average $400-$500 per student though the high school students will be paying a little less.

T-shirts and hoodies can be purchased through Wednesday from this link:

Photo courtesy of Schmitt
This is the back of the t-shirt. They were made in support of the VEX teams.