Relay for Life exceeds goals

After raising $5500 last year, SGA exceeded their fundraising goal for cancer research.


Photo courtesy of Mikhail Sims

Kaylee Blount, junior, emerges from the dunk tank. Many students and teachers were sent to the dunk tank by their friends.

Ethan Zakrewski, Online Editor

The annual Ola High School Relay for Life raised over $6000 last Friday.

Relay for Life, the community based fundraising program by the American Cancer Society, has programs on both the county level and school level. Both of the events take place on the same weekend.

The school’s relay features concessions, a dunk tank, and other forms of entertainment all meant to raise money for the American Cancer Society in addition to a week-long bake sale.

The students were happy with the success.

“I think we started planning really far ahead, and the bake sale helped more than anything,” Gracie Henderson, junior class president, said.

The final total of the fundraising is not known; The Hoof Print will update this story as more details become available.