Yearbook distribution begins

After a year’s work the 2016-17 yearbook has begun to be distributed.


Photo by Ethan Zakrewski

Jada McBride, junior, checks the list of students that purchased a yearbook. McBride also worked last year’s distribution.

Ethan Zakrewski, Online Editor

The Ola High Yearbook staff saw their work come to fruition this week as they began distributing yearbooks to students who purchased theirs in advance.

The staff has been working throughout all four lunch periods divvying the books at tables in the back of the commons area.

Beginning on Wednesday,  students will have the opportunity to purchase some of the limited remaining supply for $90 cash or money order.

Staffers encourage students to consider their work when viewing the book.

“I hope that everyone takes a moment to appreciate our work instead of criticizing it so hard. We are humans and we do make mistakes, but we hope people look for the good in the book,” Alyssa May, sophomore, said.