Players fulfill expectation

Rivals meet in Mustang Stadium one more time.


Bronlyn Holland

Mustangs and the Wildcats get set for the play. Mustangs won 14-0.

Bronlyn Holland, Sport's Editor

Mustangs and the Locust Grove Wildcats met once again in Mustang Stadium for their spring game on May 19th. Mustangs won 14-0 with the three quarters for Varsity and the fourth quarter for Junior Varsity.

This year Georgia High School Association now allows football teams to have a spring scrimmage with another team. With this new rule, the team was able to see how their opponents are playing for the next season.

At the beginning of the game, it was a slow start for the Mustangs, but it did not slow down the mindset of the team.

“We got everybody in. We got a lot of people on films, so we can evaluate… We’re happy, ” Jay Nelson, offensive line coach, said.

The team worked hard to score in the second and third quarter of the game. Many plays occurred to make it to the end zone.

“Excited to get a lot of kids in there and learn their positions, ” Bruce Fowler, middle school head coach, said about his thoughts during the game.

During the game, players were able to meet the expectations set in place. The standards of the team increased because of last year’s state playoffs. This game was able to show the team what they are up against for the next season.

“We were worried a little bit with our rival with our guys wanted to win the game more than play it. We wanted to get good look everybody and that’s what spring is all about, ” Nelson said.

 Since the team last season was able to make it to the state play offs, there are big shoes to fill for the new team.

“We have a long ways to go for the goals we set for ourselves next year,” Jared Zito, head coach, said.

The coaches have set high goals for the team to fulfilll in the season coming up.

“They believe from the start,” Zito said about his players, “You can see the way we carry ourselves,” Zito said .

For the season coming up, the team is hoping to win a region championship, win some play off games and hosting a play off game.  These are just a few to name for the goals the team has set for themselves.

Their training will continue into the summer to get ready for their first game of the 2017 to 2018 season. The first game is on August 11th against Henry County.

Bronlyn Holland
Zachary Windham, freshman, gets ready for the play. He played wide receiver.
Bronlyn Holland
A.C. White, freshman, is getting ready to punt the ball. This was his second spring game.
Bronlyn Holland
Mustangs make a first down. This tackle fell into the home sidelines.
Bronlyn Holland
This play occurred during the second quarter. A touchdown from the Mustangs followed the play.