Truett Cathy’s Influence in Ola

Cathy’s death leaves an impact on many people in the Ola community.

Sav Simpson, Staff Writer

Monday, September 8th, 2014 was the morning legendary Chick-fa-la founder, Truett Cathy, passed away in his home at the age of 93. Many citizens of the Ola community grieved at the loss of a great man.

Sharon Baptist Church takes a retreat to Berry College, partially funded by Cathy. Megan Edenfield, junior, experienced his endeavors at Berry and said that it was a great experience. Her church , Sharon, goes every year in December for a church camp. “They kept it on a down low when it came to the Cathy family giving money to the school. They fed us Chick-Fa-La and that was all that had to do with his corporation,” Edenfield said.

At the church camp, her church learned team building activities to strengthen their trust for one another. Cathy’s Winshape camps do the same thing. The camps and lessons teach young adults to behave like mature people and to make good decisions to help your future. Edenfield stated,” He is a great Christian man. He created the company that has forever changed lives. I believe his death was a loss to our society and he will truly be missed.”