Patrons prepare to be buttered up


Taylor Watkins

Bread and Butter is a family owned and operated business. It was opened in October.

Taylor Watkins, Editor-in-Chief

The McDonough Square is known for its historic building, sweet boutiques, and hometown dining; to the town’s residents it is a delightful place to explore and visit, however, approximately 20 miles due east residents will come upon Covington Square, a scene similar to our own but with its own little quirks; one of these quirks is the Bread and Butter bakery and cafe.

Established in 2013, Bread and Butter is a cafe like no other. This small town spot sells a variety of homemade baked goods, sandwiches, and many Georgia-made goods like ice creams, barbecue sauce, juices, sodas as well as coffee and tea made by their own baristas. One of whom is Gina Davis former co-owner of another local gem Square Perks which closed shortly before the opening of Bread and Butter.

Taylor Watkins
They stock many Georgia made and locally made products. Bread and Butter opened at it’s new location in October.

“I think it’s wonderful how they have a lot of Georgia made products, locally made products. The ice creams are from local, everything’s made fresh. It’s not an overwhelming amount of decisions to make as far as food so it’s kind of good that way.” Davis said.

Bread and Butter is a family owned and operated company, owned by the Johnston family, and Ronnie Johnston is mayor of Covington. The design for the company is largely influenced by his wife; an image of an elephant is included in their logo because this was her signature in notes to her kids when they were young.

The elephant is shown here in their logo. This was a design choice based on family.

Before Bread and Butter, the building was a Thai restaurant, when they decided not to renew their lease, Bread and Butter saw an opportunity for expansion from their tiny bakery down the street.

“Moving from the old place was a huge change…it was so small, you could maybe turn around and that was about it,” Payton Street, employee, said.

Both Davis and Street agreed that their favorite part about working there is the people.

“It’s just a nice place to work. Everybody is in good spirits here, very sweet people,” Street said.

Bread and Butter always has a community room, this is a separate room in the back corner that features a take one leave one library as well as a large table appropriate for meetings.

Taylor Watkines
The community room offers a quiet environment for meetings or just relaxation. The room also featured a take one leave one library.

“With the library and the meeting room, it just opens up a lot of different things for people to experience and meet people,” Davis said.

This bakery cafe is a local hot spot with a variety of options for food and fun. Bread and Butter has brought what one would expect in a large city to a small town.