Mustangs leave the field defeated

The loss against the Patriots will be a lesson for the team in the future.


Bronlyn Holland

Austin Smith, senior, grabs Kurott Garland’s, senior, jersey to block him. Smith played defense.

Bronlyn Holland, Sports and Health Editor

On Friday, Mustangs left the field with a loss of 42-17 against the Heritage Patriots. There were many players who went down and the second string had to be ready to hit the field.

“We were doing good at first, but I feel like our second string needs to step it up a little bit. Overall, I wouldn’t say it was a pretty good game, but it was alright. We got to get better. We got to improve, ” Chris Rodriguez, senior, said.

Rodriguez is a running back. He made 96 yards kickoff return then made the first touchdown of the night.

Rodriguez was hit hard and was taken out before the end of the second quarter.

“A kid hit me on my side and my head started hurting. Kevin took me out of the game and said I couldn’t go back in, ” Rodriguez said.

In the first half, Brady Curtiss, sophomore, made a first down when he caught the ball thrown by Bryce Lawrence, senior. Curtiss is a wide receiver.

Devin Folser, junior, kicked a 41-yard field goal. This put three points on the scoreboard.

The team fought hard against the Patriots but came up short.

“There’s good times. There’s bad times. We had some up and downs. We had a chance. Some injuries hurt us, but for the most part we kept fighting, ” Bruce Fowler, head middle school coach, said.

Fowler also helps with spotting on Friday nights.

Josh Rushin, senior, stopped the Patriots’ receiver on a third down which forced a fourth down. Rushin also intercepted the Patriots’ two point conversion.

Throughout the game, Greg McGaha, team Chapelin, had mixed emotions.

“I felt sorry for the boys. I feel like they started out strong. The injury bug has come and bitten us again. I think it would’ve been a different outcome if we had all of our players, ” McGaha said.

Andrew Curry Jr, senior, made the second touchdown of the night.

After this game, the team knows what they have to work on for their next game.

“When you’re in practice, always know you’re job. You never know when it’ your chance to come in, ” Fowler said.

The Mustangs will take the field again on Sept. 15 against the Stockbridge Tigers at home.