Volleyball spikes their way to victory

The Lady Mustangs defeat the Wildcats in the first round of state playoffs.


Ashley Wilhelm

The Lady Mustangs celebrating after another win. The crowd cheered loudly after the victory.

Ashley Wilhelm , Staff Writer

On October 11, the Lady Mustangs defeated the Villa Rica Wildcats in the first round of playoffs at home. A long season and a dream of being state champions.

“[The reason we got this far is due to] Talented players and dedication,” Lonnie Wheeler, head coach, said.

Sky Whitaker, senior, made many points with her powerful spike, keeping Ola tied for a good majority of the first round but ending at 25-15 Ola.

“It’s a great group of girls and there is so much support,” David Shedd, principal, said.

Shedd was there to watch the girls celebrate another win. The girls pulled ahead and came out with a victory in the first round of the first game.

“[We are here because of our] Teamwork and confidence and how hard we’ve worked for it,” Ashley Greene, sophomore, said.

Greene was a starter in the second round of the first game as #14 and made a lot of good plays as they ran away with the game with a 6-0 Ola lead.

“There is so much energy in the girls,” Shedd said. The Lady Mustangs won the second round at 25-10 Ola. They ended up winning the tournament at 25-15 Ola.

The Lady Mustangs will be hosting the second round of the playoffs on Tuesday, October 17, at six o’ clock.