Getting plugged in; the results of ChromeBooks

Mattie Cash, Staff Writer

Students received their ChromeBooks back in August and they are changing the way things are occurring in the classroom. Teachers are using less paper which is saving trees and moving everything online. Tony Head, the Honors Advanced Algebra teacher says he is evolving to where he likes things online now. “Until this year I was very much a paper pencil guy, but I am starting to appreciate the online stuff,” Head said

Head believes that each student having their own chromebooks is a very positive thing.

“I think it gives the student access to real world tools, especially in a math classroom. I think it is really beneficial when a student is absent they can see if the work and the lesson is posted online.”  Head said

The chromebooks have  their set of drawbacks however, some students came to class with the computer and proceeded to ask their fellow classmates if they had a laptop charger.

“Being an old world kind of guy, I know students are more used to it than I am and it’s hard for me to see how students can flip back and forth on technology. Whereas if I have a book I can flip back and forth between pages. I believe there is value in a book also,” Head said

Cherish Donaldson, World Literature and Composition teacher is torn between using technology in the classroom and traditional methods in the classroom.

“I think technology has it’s place and each student having their own device has it’s advantages, when they are responsible enough to keep them charged,” Donaldson said.

Donaldson agrees  that we should not go one hundred percent to technology and that there is value in a book.

“I believe every student learns in different ways and so I think they need the opportunity to practice learning in different ways and some of that may be physical,” Donaldson said.

Donaldson also believes that when students take notes, students retain more information when you handwrite them rather than typing them all out on a document on a chromebook. Chromebooks are convenient for both the student and the teacher using them by being able to put assignments on Google Classroom and teachers do not have to make as many copies and students do not have to keep up with a single sheet of paper and they just have to log into Google Classroom to view their assignments. Braelyn Yates, sophomore, does not like how students have chromebooks.

“I don’t like having them because they are a hassle and add even more weight to your bookbag,” Yates said.

Yates prefers to do things in the classroom with paper and pencil because she remembers the information better than just typing it into a computer.

“I think the county spent the money in a good way because they work for most people but they aren’t my cup of tea,’ Yates said.

The advantages may outweigh the disadvantages, chromebooks are not everyone’s personal favorite items that are being used the classroom, they do not seem to be leaving the classroom anytime soon.