Jones wrestles through challenges

Amani Jones,freshman, starts a new chapter in her wrestling journey


Amani Jones

Jones at the Super 32 national tournament in North Carolina last October. Jones placed fourth in the national tournament.

Isabella Sanchotene , Staff Writer

When Amani Jones, freshman, steps onto the mat to begin her match, she is focused on having fun and scoring as many points possible.

“When I first started, it was really hard for everyone. We didn’t know what we were doing,” Jones said.

Jones has been wrestling since the age of five and plans to continue to wrestle throughout high school. Her technique improved immensely throughout the years. 

“My favorite memory was probably when we were at a dual tournament in Iowa and I pinned everyone in my tournament. It felt good knowing all my hard work had paid off,” Jones said.

This season, Jones has had 25 wins, six losses, and ten pins along with an 88 win percentage meaning she had an 88 percent chance of winning a match. 

“She’ll have to continue to adjust the way she wrestles. Things that may have worked for her up until this point, may not work for her now,” Joey De Nino, wrestling coach, said.

Jones had issues with strength and often feels cutting weight is tiring. Wrestlers cut weight to fit into the desired weight class for matches.

“Once you beat a guy in a wrestling match, it gives you a lot of confidence, ” Michelle Scott, former teammate, said.

The confidence Jones builds in the tournaments helps her on the mats. Jones is known for her particular technical skills.

“She’s got a good quickness, good mat awareness, and very technical. We’re just continuing to help her stretch,” De Nino said.

Although Jones has struggled with not being as strong, she enjoys competing and using techniques against her opponent. Jones strategically plans out her next attack to bring herself that much closer to a win. 

“Everyone is stronger so you just have to be that much better,” Jones said.

Jones goes the extra mile by staying committed and dedicating herself to the sport. Along with the ten year experience, Jones has also competed in a variety of different competitions and tournaments. 

“When I look at myself now, I’m more committed and I’m more focused like this is my life now,” Jones said. 

Amani Jones
Jones is at the Super 32 national tournament in North Carolina last October. Jones placed fourth in the national tournament.