White paints his way into Ola Art Hall of Fame

Ashley Wilhelm, Features Editor

Payton White, senior, is a self taught artist whose artwork is presented around the school. Mr. Wood has displayed White’s work in locations such as the front office windows, along with the art showcases.

White usually works on portraits, and his pieces around the school are portraits.

“I just evolved,” White said.

White is a self taught art student that has been painting since he was a little kid. He finds inspiration in music.

“It’s like a form of expression, if you can’t put it down on paper and you can’t put it into words, you can put it in a painting,” White said.

White enjoys incorporating a lot of colors into his art. He edges towards reds and pinks or black and white.

One of his black and white pieces is based off of the Ariana Grande music video for ‘Problem.’ In the piece, viewers can see that it is hypnotic. The vision for the piece is that the news and TV are hypnotising it’s listeners, he shows this by placing a TV reflection in his glasses. (see picture below)

White hopes to make a career out of his art. White has had some commissions for book covers.

“Whenever I listen to music, I see it’s music video,” White said.

White makes ‘fan made’ music videos to songs and incorporates his artwork in the sets. White uploads all of his work to his YouTube channel.

“Express yourself. Don’t be a cookie cutter. Be yourself, don’t be afraid, don’t follow the trends, make your own,” White said.